About Us

Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Bessemer Investors brings a long-term, flexible approach and a full range of institutional resources to each investment. Our firm was created to continue a long legacy of private investment firms backed by the Phipps family.

History & Broader Bessemer

The Phipps family traces its wealth to the partnership between Henry Phipps and Andrew Carnegie, and the sale of Carnegie Steel to JP Morgan in 1901. The family’s investment platform, Bessemer Securities, is named after the Bessemer steel making process employed by Carnegie Steel. Bessemer Securities has been investing in private companies for more than a century, and is the capital base behind Bessemer Investors.

Other investment firms originated and currently supported by Bessemer Securities include:

  • Bessemer Venture Partners: A $8.3 billion, global venture capital firm investing out of its 12th and 13th funds in consumer, enterprise, and healthcare growth companies from seven offices around the world.
  • Lindsay Goldberg: A private equity firm with over $13 billion of commitments investing out of its 5th fund.

The Phipps family also owns Bessemer Trust, a leading private wealth management firm with ~180 billion of assets under supervision. Bessemer Trust operates independently of Bessemer Securities.