Bessemer Advantage

Our firm was formed to incorporate the best practices of institutional investing and attributes of family capital. The support of a flexible, long-term capital base and our experienced investment team create distinct advantages that benefit all stakeholders.

Flexibility and Long-Term Orientation

Bessemer Investors’ long-term capital base enables us to tailor investment structures to meet objectives, align interests, and optimize outcomes. Our capital has no contractual expiration and we do not need to fundraise. Exit timing is driven by value maximization for all stakeholders. This allows us to focus on long-term value creation by supporting strategic initiatives and investing additional capital at any time during the holding period.

Rapid Decision-Making and Transparency

We evaluate opportunities quickly and discretely. We focus on situations and sectors where we have prior experience or those that leverage our unique capabilities. This enables us to act with conviction. Our team executes transactions expeditiously while prioritizing certainty and transparency.

Legacy of Investing with Integrity

The Bessemer values of integrity, transparency, responsibility, and proper stewardship have been at the core of more than a century of successful investing. We are committed to furthering this legacy by emphasizing these same values in our dialogue with owners, management teams, and every other party with whom we interact.

Connectivity with the Bessemer Network

Our connection to related Bessemer Securities investment vehicles creates advantages for us and our partners, including:

  • Broader and deeper market coverage
  • Unique business development opportunities
  • Shared knowledge and best practices

Bessemer Advantage At Work

Our unique capabilities and structure allow us to bring the following advantages to our partnerships:

  • Advantages for Owners
  • Advantages for Management Teams
  • Advantages for Intermediaries

Advantages for Owners

Advantages for Owners

  • Long-term orientation and focus by Bessemer on creating sustainable growth and value through collaborative partnerships.
  • Creative transaction structures to meet potentially disparate objectives of sellers, management, and other stakeholders.
  • Opportunity for owners / founders to determine level of ongoing involvement and ownership.

Advantages for Management Teams

Advantages for Management Teams

  • No fees of any kind from our portfolio companies.
  • Day to day operating decisions entrusted to management.
  • Value-added, experienced thought partner and sounding board.
  • Full resources of our firm and network are available to our companies to utilize as appropriate.
  • Exit decisions based on value maximization instead of fund lifecycle.
  • Capital to support strategic initiatives throughout the full investment period.
  • Prudent use of financial leverage to preserve operating flexibility.

Advantages for Intermediaries

Advantages for Intermediaries

  • Willingness to pay buy-side fees.
  • Decisive with an emphasis on candid, timely feedback.
  • Flexible capital base allows for tailored transaction structures to meet your client’s objectives.
  • Engage with conviction by focusing on targeted industries and business models that leverage our collective experience.
  • Complete transactions in a timely manner while ensuring transparency to all parties involved.
  • Experienced in competitive processes.