Values & Responsible Investing


Partners, Not Owners

We believe successful partnerships are built on open communication, mutual respect, and humility.  We serve as a resource and sounding board to management teams to help realize their vision for the business.

Culture Drives Superior Outcomes

We believe that the best outcomes are driven by a culture of collaboration and active listening where ego is left at the door.  Our team operates with a strong sense of urgency and acts decisively.

Winning the Right Way

We seek exceptional results. Our success is defined by creating long term benefits for all stakeholders – the company, shareholders, employees, and the communities in which we operate.  Bessemer’s 125-year history has taught us that our reputation is our most valuable asset.


Bessemer Investors seeks to make responsible investments by incorporating environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) principles into our firm and how we invest. We believe responsible investing is not only in the best interests of employees, communities, the environment, and other stakeholders, but also has the potential to drive sustainable value creation in our portfolio during and after our ownership. We believe prioritizing ESG in all areas of our investment process will help us achieve our goal of leaving our portfolio companies, their employees, and their communities better than we found them.